The Marlins
Missionaries to Mozambique
Believing for the miraculous!
Can you cover our family in prayer for health? We are still battling sickness. At the moment, a week long stomach virus is circulating through our family and sweet Acacia (our 6 year old) has pneumonia again for the 4th time. We would appreciate more prayer, and please feel free to share this request with anyone willing to war for health with us. Medical care in our country isn’t the best; Mozambique is the 8th most underdeveloped country in the world, BUT God is the great physician! We are believing for the miraculous.
Our Olive is 3! On May 5th our little Mozambican/American celebrated in the park with some other missionary kids. She is a joy to raise!
Last week Matt had the opportunity to travel and be with the leaders of the national churches from all of southern Africa. Such an honor and a humbling experience to speak on discipleship and missions to National Church leaders from Angola, Namibia, Lesotho, Zambia and many other countries. Matt had pastors come up to him afterwards saying they felt convicted to implement more discipleship in the churches of their nation. Praying for the miraculous in these nations.

Bonus: two of our Mozambican interns traveled with Matt to help translate for the Portuguese speaking people. Neither of them had ever traveled before (exciting!) and it was an incredible experience for them to rub shoulders with such faithful men and women of God on the continent.
We currently have teams of college students from 3 colleges in the USA here working on campuses with us. We are praying that many Mozambican college students will experience Jesus for the first time!
If you want to follow along with our day to day life,

add us on FB and Instagram. I post in stories daily.
It’s not lost on us that we couldn’t live and serve in Mozambique without your prayer. Thank you so much.
The Coffmans
Missionaries to Mozambique
New Opportunities!

We are celebrating all that God has been doing in the last month. We have had so many incredible times in God's presence with students and teammates.

Kyle has been able to start a new discipleship group on one of the campuses that he's currently serving on. This is so incredible because several of the young men in this d-group are not followers of Jesus and have so many questions and curiosities about the Bible. We are continuing to pray that this will be an open door for the Gospel to transform their lives.

I'm currently serving on a different campus from where Kyle is at and my team has been praying for open doors. There hasn't been a discipleship group on this campus in a while so we have spent time on the campus praying over students and opportunities. We've also been able to meet several students including a few who we believe will be essential in starting a d-group soon!
Worship Night with students in the ministry
Worship Night with students in the ministry
Cultural experience with Mozambican staff & interns at a market called Xibutxuana
D-Group with students from a campus called ISPU
How you can be praying:

  • Pray for the country of Mozambique- This is the rainy season and we've experienced many days of heavy rain including a cyclone a few weeks ago. This is challenging because it has been destroying roads, homes and businesses all throughout the city of Maputo and other areas of the country.
  • Pray for us as we are getting closer to sweet baby #2 being born in July. We are excited to welcome this sweet bundle of joy into our family.
Many of you may have seen a recent email that was sent out by AGWM stating that we had just finished itineration to get to the field and that we were going to Europe.
We made a post on our Facebook page but also wanted to clarify here that we've been on the field since last year and we are still in Mozambique, AFRICA!
The Martins
Missionaries to the University of Tennessee, Knoxville
“He told them, ‘The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.’” Luke 10:2

During the week leading up to Easter, one of our partnering churches purchased a ton of Reese’s Eggs & we canvased the campus giving them away, asking students: “What do you think Easter is all about?” We used this as an opportunity to share The Gospel & pray with them! Here’s how it went…

“We met a student named Nate! It seemed he believed in God but had been a bit disconnected from Him. He was so grateful that we explained some of the deeper meanings behind Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection. I plan to follow up with him for coffee this coming week.” -Tyler

“We met a guy named Caleb who was reading a Bible. He just started taking his faith more seriously in the last couple of weeks because of the suicide of a man he looked up to as “spiritual.” We got to encourage him, give him scripture to read, and pray with him! He said our conversation made his day and was needed!” -Summer

“We met a guy named Grant who told us that he celebrates EasteR with his family because it means Jesus raised from the dead. But when we asked him how that truth has changed his life, he didn’t know & didn’t have an answer. We shared the Gospel with him and told him about how it changes our life now because it gives us real hope & purpose. He seemed encouraged!” -Sara Kate

“We met a woman (Samantha) whose fiancé died 6 years ago and that death turned her from God completely. I told her how deeply God loves her and she let us pray for her.” -Summer

“I went out with Emily! We met a girl named Nina who had recently decided to follow Jesus & Emily was able to encourage her & hopefully she will want to be connected to community... It was helpful to have a conversation starter to be able to share about the true meaning of Easter!”


We still believe that the university campus is the most strategic mission field in the world! Thanks for believing with us in prayer for UTK!

  • Pray for our summer mission team as we prepare to serve in Central Asia. Brooke will be leading a team of 8! (pictured above)

  • Pray for wisdom as we ask begin training new small group leaders!
Above: A few of our students sharing testimonies from Spring Break Mission Trips!

Below: Some of Tyler’s D-Group
Thank you for loving & praying for us as we continue to share Jesus with university students! God is on the move at UTK!

Beniah says, “Go Vols!”