In Faith kids,
 we want 
your children to...

Learn about jesus

In Faith Kids, we want your child to know who Jesus is. So from check-in to check-out,
you can be assured that your kids are learning about the most significant person in human history.

learn to love jesus

In Faith Kids, we want your child not to just know about Jesus but to understand what it means to love Jesus
 and to begin to learn how to worship Him for who He is.

learn to follow jesus

In Faith Kids, we want to help your child know what it means to follow Jesus and
 to understand what it means to make a decision to put their faith in Him.

learn to live for jesus

In Faith Kids, we want to help your child understand what living for Jesus looks like
 and what it truly means to live as a Christian when they leave church.

Meet our leader!!

Meet Sidney Riggan, our dedicated Children’s Ministry Leader at Searcy Faith Assembly of God. With a heart full of passion for nurturing the young hearts and minds of our church, Sidney has been entrusted with the joyful responsibility of guiding our children on their journey to become more like Christ.
One of the primary goals of this ministry is to extend a warm embrace to the lost children in our community, providing a safe space where they can discover the love of Jesus and grow in their faith. We also have a special focus on teaching our children how they can be used by God in their unique ways. We believe that each child has a special purpose and we are here to help them uncover and nurture their gifts and talents for the glory of God.
If you have any questions or would like to get involved, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Sidney Riggan and the Children’s Ministry team. We look forward to walking this journey of faith with you and your children.